from the Club Director

Greetings, Fellow Galaxie Lover!

I was prompted to put this announcement up, because in the past few years of this sites development I have noticed something....I have received numerous nice E-mail messages and phone calls about how this site helps folks in finding parts, information and services in their quest for restoring their Galaxies. The problem is that numerous of these E-mail's or phone calls are never followed up by an application to join our club. Some of you have contacted me directly for information and as busy as I am dealing with members, I have made every effort to fufill your requests, and yet I never see your membership application. Considering the miniscule amount that it costs to join the club, not even the cost of a tank of gas, I am making an appeal to your conscience. It costs money to maintain this site. It takes HOURS of time devoted to this hobby to gather the information, get the sponsors and keep this site updated with ads, pictures, etc. We are making every effort to increase the club's size so that YOU as a club member can have a nice magazine devoted to you and your car 6 times a year. Our long term goal is to see a 100+ page color covered magazine devoted to your favorite car, the Galaxie, at major news stands across the country. By the way...for you that know something about computers...This site takes up over THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY megabytes of space on the hosting server!
If you are a Galaxie owner, why not SUPPORT this effort and gain all the other benefits of club membership besides this website? Let's take a quick for instance: Our feature "Resto-Tips" by well known restoration expert, Greg Donahue, currently has EIGHTY SEVEN questions with EIGHTY SEVEN answers. If you needed to do any of the projects talked about, and you did not have this available, and you did it wrong, the damage you could cause would be many times more than the cost of club membership! Remember, nothing good comes free! You may be able to locate parts and do a lot with this site, true...but until you are a member of this club, you will never really understand what you are missing. So please consider what I am saying, don't procrastinate and JOIN THE CLUB NOW.
You can help support our effort at giving this great automobile its just dues. You can get an application on-line to join HERE. Do it NOW!

And one other thing. Members who have let their memberships lapse, that are not removing themselves from the members only E-mail group, coming in back doors on the site to read the on-line magazine, and utilizing other club benefits...Remember one thing...

Commandment #8: THOU SHALT NOT STEAL

Director: Ford Galaxie Club of America,

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