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Hi from the Director...I am trying to get pictures up of every year and model Galaxie that was built. These are pictures of our family car, a 1967 Country Sedan Stationwagon which we bought because the "state" we were in taxed you if you buy newer vehicles by charging a "fee" attached to your tag every year. Seems that you get penalized if you can afford a newer car. But then again, why buy a newer car with the higher insurance and repair costs, when you can own an original antique that gets compliments everywhere you go? This car has a remaufactured 390 that gets as high as 17.5 mpg on the highway and has plenty of room, is quiet and FUN to drive. I have other Galaxies also, a '64 Country Sedan, a '64 Galaxie 500-XL Fastback and a '64 Galaxie 500-XL Convertible. If you get bored you can look at them...after all, most of our members have '63 or '64 Galaxies!

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Adrian Clements, galaxie@vol.com is putting together a database of all the '67 Galaxies he can find. This is the information he sent to me about our 1967 Country Sedan Station Wagon:


Thanks for contributing to the database.  Let's see what your car tells us...

The VIN of 7P71H155888 breaks down as follows:

7 = model year:  1967
P = build plant:  Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN)
71 = Body Serial Code:  Country Sedan 4-door 6 passenger (50,818 produced for the 1967 model year)
H = engine:  390-2V V-8, 270 hp
155888 = Consecutive Unit Number:  55,888th car scheduled to be built at the Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN build plant for the 1967 model year (Job 1 was CUN 100,001)

The door tag info breaks down as follows:

Body 71B = Body Style Code:  Country Sedan 4-door 6 passenger (50,818 produced for the 1967 model year)
Color M = exterior paint:  Wimbledon White (white)
Trim 7K = interior trim:  light aqua vinyl
Date 20C = scheduled build date:  March 20, 1967
DSO 74 = District Sales Office:  Seattle, WA placed the original order for the car
Axle 1 = rearend:  3.00:1 open (non-locking)
Trans U = transmission:  C6 Cruise-O-Matic 3-speed automatic

This is the only '67 Country Sedan in the database to date, and the only all Wimbledon White car.  This color is often combined with other colors on two tone paint cars.  Oh yeah, this car celebrated it's 37th birthday last Saturday, and was scheduled to be built 5 days before I was born!

The prices for this car as equipped (going only by the VIN and door tag info, and not knowing if it has other options like power steering, power brakes, etc.) are:

Country Sedan 4-door 6 passenger:  $2905.36
390-2V engine:  $184.97
Cruise-O-Matic with 390-2V:  $220.17

Thanks again for contributing to the database, Mark.

Yours in old Ford iron,

1967 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible, 390-2V & Cruise-O-Matic
1967 Ford Galaxie 500 2-door hardtop, 428-6V & 4-speed

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